Exploring Garage Door Options

The Materials, Styles, And Functionality Of Garage Doors

Did you know that choosing a garage door can also be an important exterior decor choice for your home? Garage doors aren't just a mechanical door to an extra area of the home, they are one of the standout features of a property. A garage door communicates how much the owner might care about the home and the property, and the overall style of the property. Deciding on a style of garage door for your home involves considering how it would look with the other exterior design elements, and how you would like it to function.

Types of Garage Door Exterior Styles

Residential garage doors can be elegant, rustic, modern, or simple. The material choices include aluminum, steel, wood, vinyl skin, and more. Wood may be on the more expensive end of the spectrum, while some metal options may be an inexpensive choice. For a beautiful, warm, elegant appeal, consider carefully crafted wood garage doors, which can be crafted by groups such as the Amish. It may be even be possible to request a custom-made garage door for specific garage door measurements or uses that deviate from the standard. For a minimalist, functional look, simple metal garage doors may be the right choice. For lighting in the garage during the day, windows can be an attractive addition. There are also insulation considerations, that can help reduce energy costs for your home. Some garage doors are even pinch resistant, or tamper resistant. Overall considerations include performance during the seasons of the year where you live, and if the garage door would be a good value for your home over time.

Types of Garage Door Opening Systems

There are various garage opening systems to choose from, depending on how you plan to use your garage on a daily basis. If you prefer a well-lit garage, a garage door opening system with an automatic light that turns on when the garage door is opened may appeal to you. If you don't use your garage often or travel for work, you may wish to explore the benefits of a lockout feature, where the remote can be turned off for long periods of inactivity. For tech-minded homeowners, options include fingerprint wireless keypads or specific code technologies. One may even consider bluetooth garage door opening technologies. These types of high-tech options may appeal to people with children who wish to enter through a garage, or people who highly value the security features of their garage door.

Safety with Garage Doors

For safety, garage doors need to be properly installed, and any malfunctions should be checked right away by a qualified person. Another easy safety precaution is to keep the garage remote controls far out of reach of children. It can also be helpful to check and inspect the garage for signs of malfunction from time to time. The garage door should open and shut, as well as reverse, without problems. While garage doors are generally known to be durable for many years, if various components (such as springs or pulleys) show signs of wear, seek a trained garage repair professional to diagnose and repair the problem.