Exploring Garage Door Options

What Are The Best Garage Doors For Business Theft Prevention?

If you own a business housed in a building with several garage doors, you may be particularly vulnerable to break-ins. Residential garage doors can be opened from the outside in just a few seconds using a wire coat hanger or other device. While your commercial garage doors could provide a bit more security than typical residential doors, they're still no match for a determined burglar seeking the tools or other valuables you keep inside. What are the best theft-prevention options for one of your building's natural entry points? Read on to learn more about your secure garage door options.

Steel up-and-over doors

These doors are made from heavy steel (rather than lighter aluminum) and go up at an angle, instead of sliding on tracks like most garage doors. This unique entry method is very difficult to penetrate from the outside, and even if a would-be burglar does have the special tools to remove the door from its tracks, the noise involved in doing so would likely be enough of a deterrent to protect your building from entry.

If you choose to have an electronic garage door opener programmed to open these new doors, you'll want to make sure you have a secure code and change all your receiver outputs occasionally. Some inexpensive or mass-marketed garage door openers are low-tech enough to be easily hacked, allowing anyone with a frequency-reading device to open your garage door automatically. Opting for a more electronically secure system will bolster your security efforts.  

Side-hinged garage doors

In some cases, steel garage doors that open out -- rather than up -- may be a feasible alternative to roll-up or up-and-over doors. These doors can be secured with a bar or chain that can make them nearly impossible to open from the outside. If you're concerned about needing an extra person on hand to constantly open and close these doors (rather than using the automatic garage door opener), you may be able to have a hydraulic system installed that will open and close these doors with the touch of a button. 

If you're considering switching to either type of door to improve your building's security, you'll want to speak with a professional and have an inspection performed before agreeing to anything specific. Often, the best door for your business will depend on your building's structure and even your local zoning ordinances. Consulting with a professional in your area will help you determine the full range of options available.