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4 Home Improvements That Offer A Great Return On Investment

Many home improvements add value to a home, but some projects give you a bigger bang for your buck than others. Since many homeowners want the best money for their remodeling dollars, it is a good idea to start out with the renovations that have the best pay out in the long run. If you plan to have some remodeling done soon, consider the following projects with some of the best return on investment:

New Steel Door

Many owners don't give a lot of thought to their exterior doors, but replacing old doors with new doors can be a smart way to spend your money. In fact, replacement steel doors have one of the best rates of return-- you can expect to recoup 101.8% of the money you spend. In addition to being an excellent value, new doors can also improve visual appeal and provide extra security and better locks.

Replace Your Garage Door

A garage door can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home. An old, dented, and fading or peeling garage door can be a huge eyesore, no matter how nice the rest of the exterior of your home looks. Don't overlook replacing your garage door in favor of other renovations-- a new garage door can instantly boost your curb appeal while also being a sound investment. In most cases, replacing your garage door will add enough value to your home to help you get back 88.4% of the total project cost. While you're having your garage door replaced, it may also be a good time to have a new garage door opener installed, especially if your garage door opener is old. Click here to read more about replacing your garage door. 

Get New Siding

Just like garage doors, the siding on a house can have a big effect on the overall curb appeal. Siding only lasts so long, so if yours is getting weathered and worn, it is a good decision to have it replaced with new vinyl siding. You can expect new siding to refresh the look of the exterior of your home, and there is a good change that you will get back 80.7% of your investment.

Have a Deck Built

Outdoor space is becoming increasingly popular, and building a wood deck is a great way to maximize your outdoor space and create an outdoor living room. When you have a deck built, you will have a beautiful place to relax outside, and you can also feel good about the money you spent, because on average the rate of return for a wood deck is 80.5%.