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3 Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

Taking care of your garage door can be a fickle process. There are numerous ways you can ensure that your garage door is working properly. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will discover a few garage door troubleshooting tips.

Loose Connections

Electronic parts can become loose or otherwise will not be sufficiently connected. It is important to make sure that all of the electronic connections, such as wires and other small parts, are properly connected. There is usually a large black metal box on top or behind the rollers and track of your garage door. Inside of this, you will find all of your garage door's electronic parts. A schematic should be available in your garage door's user manual and should inform you of how each part should be properly connected. Some of these issues may require soldering. Do not attempt to solder an electronic part unless you know how to properly solder, as you may exacerbate the issue you have at hand.

Checking For Dents

You should first check for dents along your garage door's tracks, as this can cause some issues with your garage door; namely, that it won't be able to open. If you notice that your garage door is shaky or is "clunky" when it moves up or down on the tracks, it could be the case that the tracks have dents in them. Simply look at your garage door tracks and check to see if any dents exist. If there are any dents present, it is highly recommended that you let a garage door repair person know about their existence.

Lube Up Your Tracks

Make sure that the tracks to your garage door are properly lubricated. If your tracks and rollers are not lubricated on a regular basis, this can cause some severe damage to your tracks. At the very least, an unlubricated garage door will create conditions in which your garage door will open in a clunky, shaky manner. Apply lube to your garage door approximately once every two months in order to make sure that it is working to the best of its abilities.

Making sure that your garage door is working properly is an integral part to making sure that your garage, in total, is in good shape. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of how to go about addressing a few issues that could be wrong with your garage door.

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