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Prepping Your Garage For Winter: Four Helpful Ideas

As winter weather approaches, you may be considering prepping your home for the cold weather. Part of this prep work should include winterizing your garage. Here are some of the steps you can take to ensure your garage is ready for the change in seasons.

Insulate The Garage Door

While you won't need your garage to be as warm as your house, protecting it against extreme cold can help to keep your vehicles ready for winter driving. One way you can keep the cold out is by insulating your garage door. Foam board can be installed in the panels of your door to create an extra barrier against wind and cold. You can take this on as a DIY project or have a contractor install if for you. You may also want to have your contractor inspect your garage door and perform routine maintenance to ensure the door opens and closes properly in cold weather.

Organize Your Winter Weather Gear

Even if your car or truck is snug and safe inside your insulated garage, you'll still need winter weather gear in your garage. A shovel, snow thrower, and salt should be placed near the pedestrian door to your garage so you can quickly remove snow and ice from your sidewalk and driveway. You may also want to keep a lock de-icer handy in case you have trouble opening your car doors.

Install A Garage Door Opener

When the weather gets frightfully cold, you won't want to get out of the car just to manually open your garage door. If you don't already have an automatic garage door opener, consider installing one before the cold weather hits. For garages that already have automatic openers, be sure to change the batteries in the remote controls and have the door inspected to make sure the sensors are working properly.

Repair Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping around your garage door and pedestrian door can become brittle over time. The material can crack or even fall off, which leaves your door susceptible to drafts. Check your weatherstripping for damage, and replace any sections that are not in good condition. You may also want to add a rubber seal at the bottom of the pedestrian door for a bit of added protection from drafts. Talk to your garage door installer about other ways you can block drafts from your main garage door.

Once your garage is prepped and ready for winter, you can get in and out of your car comfortably during extreme cold. Use this guide to help prep your garage, and look for other ways to keep the space toasty warm all winter long.