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Simple Troubleshooting Tactics For A Stuck Garage Door

A stuck garage door creates panic for some people. It makes sense to know how to perform basic garage door troubleshooting to prepare you if your door ever gets stuck. Some symptoms of stuck garage doors are things that property owners can address themselves. 

Weather or Climate Consideration

In extremely cold or icy conditions, it is possible for garage doors to appear stuck due being frozen in place. They may freeze to the area where the door comes into contact with the ground. If your door is stuck in the closed position in this type of weather, you can try pouring warm water around the door to melt the ice. 

Lock Check

Anyone can make a mistake, and if you are in a rush trying to leave home, you might forget to unlock your garage door. Mounting frustration may interfere with your thought processes. Ensure you double-check that the door is unlocked before panicking.

Remote Batteries

Unfortunately, the batteries in your garage opener's remote are not designed to last forever. Weak batteries can result in a door seeming to be stuck. Keep extra batteries on-hand, and keep them in their original packaging to prevent premature discharging. Try new batteries when your door appears stuck. If it still does not work with the new batteries, place them back into the packaging. Check your breaker box to ensure that the circuit to the garage door has not tripped if changing the batteries in the opener does not work.

Track Issues

Sometimes garage doors come off their tracks during operation. This can prevent them from closing properly in addition to getting stuck. You should not continue to try to operate your door if it is off track because it could damage the door. If the door becomes misshapen due to forced use, you may have to replace the door. A garage door that is off track will be noticeable because you will be able to see that the rollers are not on the track. A professional will need to put the rollers back on track for the door to work properly. You might also find that your door track has an obstruction such as a toy in it. Simply removing the obstruction should correct that type of issue. 

Spring Check

Take a peek at your door springs. If you notice pieces of springs that appear to be detached, it is possible that broken springs are the cause of your garage door issue. Spring repair is something that is best left to professionals for safety reasons. 

A garage door repair company is a good resource to use if you are unable to get your door working with these tips. They can perform an in-depth inspection and determine the appropriate fix.