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Four Reasons You Should Switch To A Quiet Garage Door

If your garage door is having issues and you want a new one installed, one of the best choices that you can make is upgrading the entire door system. When you are looking for upgrades, you should look for a quiet garage door system that will make it easier to open and close the door without noise. Here are four reasons why you should exchange your garage belt and springs for a quiet garage door. 

No more waking up the neighborhood

If you live in the city or a suburb with a lot of homes, it is sometimes possible to hear your neighbors' garage door go up and down. If this happens when you are asleep or during quiet time, this can be an annoyance. With a quiet garage door, you won't be waking the occupants of your home or your neighbors. Invite your neighbors over after installation to show off the system and suggest the changes to them as well. This will make for a quieter neighborhood. 

Barking pets can quiet down

If your pets bark at loud sounds, the garage door can be one of the major triggers. This is often a sign of anxiety for your dog. Decreasing the noise for your garage door means that your pets will no longer feel anxiety at this sound. It may also help to keep them calm and you see less destructive behaviors that have occurred once you return home for the day. 

Late arrivals no longer mean noise

If someone in your home works the graveyard shift, they may leave and return while everyone is asleep. With a loud garage door, the entire family may have their sleep pattern disrupted. If there are children in the home, this may mean the difference between them being well rested during the day or cranky and unable to concentrate in school. 

Better resale value

An upgraded garage door with a quiet mechanism will be immediately recognizable to buyers who are used to noisy garages. If you also have a number of upgrades to your home, your resale value may have increased more than you would expect. Make sure the new belt is installed by a mechanic with the right tools so that the mechanism remains as quiet as it is supposed to be. If you plan to sell your home, include this upgraded feature to any advertisements that you may produce for your home. 

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