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Troubleshooting The Most Common Issues With An Overhead Garage Door At Home

That overhead door you have in your garage may serve a valuable purpose, but if your door is starting to get a few years on it, it is highly likely that you are starting to see and experience some pretty frustrating problems. While these overhead doors are an excellent choice for any home, getting to know some of the common issues is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner. Here is a closer look at some of the most common problems with an overhead garage door and the causes you should know. 

Problem: The door is making a scraping noise when in motion.

Cause and Solution: Scraping sounds coming from your overhead garage door when it is in motion can definitely be alarming, but the cause is usually fairly simple to point out. Take a look at the tracks along the side of the door frame and make sure they are still securely fastened in place. Likewise, take a look at the wheels on the side of the garage door itself to ensure they have not broken off or bent. Fix any issues you see here and you should see your overhead door opening and closing again without all the fuss. 

Problem: Your overhead door will not close all the way. 

Cause and Solution: You hit the button on the controller and your overhead door hits about the midway point during closing and then refuses to go any further. If this sounds familiar, you will be thankful to know that this problem has a sneaky but simple cause. The small sensors on either side of the door are likely blocked, which prevents the door from closing for safety reasons. Simply clean the lenses of the sensors and make sure nothing is blocking their line of sight to resolve the issue. 

Problem: One side of the garage door is opening unlevel with the other and the door freezes halfway up. 

Cause and Solution: Your overhead garage door is likely off balance if this happens, and this commonly happens with older doors with older tensioner springs. Simply adjust the tensioner springs on the sides of the door to make sure the door is level. Sometimes it can take a few tries to get the door just right, but once you have it rebalanced and the weight of the door evenly distributed, you should see the issue resolved right away. 

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