Exploring Garage Door Options

Contemporary Garage Door Choices You Should Know For Your Modern Home

If your home is modernly designed, you will spend a great deal of time paying attention to features like the siding you have or the windows. However, one of the biggest exterior design features of pretty much any home is the garage door. Therefore, if you want to ensure your house has the most well-rounded modern look, you have to consider the garage door and whether or not it fits in. Garage doors don't have to be just basic metal or wood. There are a handful of incredible contemporary garage door choices perfectly suitable for a modern-style home. 

Full-Paneled Window Garage Doors

You may have seen garage doors in the past that have a single row of windows across the top, but full-paneled window garage doors are actually created fully from window panels. With anywhere between six, eight, twelve, or more total window panels, you can have a garage door that offers a clear view of the interior of your garage if you choose. However, you could just as easily go with frosted glass panels to maintain more concealment or go with reflective windows which offer you a view outdoors from the inside, but allows no onlookers to see in. 

Decorative Wood Garage Doors

If you are all about the natural look of wood, you will adore decorative wood garage doors. These doors can be fashioned in a lot of ways and with pretty much any type of wood, but the actual design of the door can vary greatly. Many decorative wood garage doors boast a look similar to a wood floor, but things can get intricate with wooden inlays and complex carvings if you choose a more high end wood design. The wooden garage doors are usually structured of lightweight aluminum with the decorate wooden slats or panels affixed to the outward side, which makes these doors pretty lightweight, compared to solid wood doors, and very durable. 

Center-Opening Garage Doors

Imagine rolling up to your garage and two side-mounted garage doors swing open to allow your car in. Center-opening garage doors are a modern option and are quickly becoming a popular home choice. These doors can have many appearances, from solid steel to french door looks, but the basic operation mechanisms are the same. There is one section of the garage door mounted on each side of the garage opening and a special garage opener is installed to allow the easy operation.