The Materials, Styles, And Functionality Of Garage Doors

Did you know that choosing a garage door can also be an important exterior decor choice for your home? Garage doors aren't just a mechanical door to an extra area of the home, they are one of the standout features of a property. A garage door communicates how much the owner might care about the home and the property, and the overall style of the property. Deciding on a style of garage door for your home involves considering how it would look with the other exterior design elements, and how you would like it to function. [Read More]

Give Your Garage Doors A Cottage-Style Flair

You recently bought a house that has a distinctive rustic or cottage-style appearance, or you're working to make your house look that way. The garage presents a problem because the door is relatively basic and boring, and it doesn't fit with your image of a cottage-style home. Implement some strategies to make that garage blend in with the rest of your home's country-style exterior.  Paint the Door If you have some artistic talent, you might paint designs on the door that convey a cottage or country style. [Read More]